Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Honey Moon Thoughts


    Did I mention that Georgia and I got married?

   When Georgia and I went off  on a quick honeymoon to see the ocean,   we left Oren Pierce in charge of the  chickens again, but didn’t offer him the trailer to stay in, because Gee was still there …supposedly waiting for William.
  When we returned, Gee was still  here and William still wasn’t, nor do I expect him any time soon,  but Oren’s dog Loosefur was lurking about, as no doubt, is Oren.  
             I don’t bother myself too much about what goes on between Oren and Gee, and I don’t mind if William never comes back, but if Gee stays on much longer I will be asking her to pay rent or work it off somehow.

      We don’t need her professional housekeeping skills, but there are garden plots to weed, and when we are on book tours, someone needs to tend  the fruit stand and deal with the fans who …  despite the milk crates we put halfway down the driveway so people won't drive further in than the stand …. stumble   up to the door hoping I will sign a copy of my book, take their manuscript to read, and pose with them for a phone photo, as if we had been up all night drinking together … which they would also be up for.   
    As I write this, it occurs to me that when we are away AND when we are here trying to work, Oren and Gee could, without actually lying,  take off some of the pressure by giving the impression that THEY are David and Georgia.
    As a matter of fact, when they are NOT here, we could pretend we are THEM.
 The Warrens have gone off to the ocean and will be back next year sometime.
       No, I don’t know when because they are very impulsive and haven’t even told me, but you can try to email them and if they are not out on the water and off the grid, you may get an answer.  Mr. Warren is very kind, but he is an extremely private man and kind of boring.

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