Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dogged Day at Dog's Plot

  Dog's Plot has one man, nineteen chickens, six cats, Possums under the chicken house, and foxes under the shed, but presently no dogs.

 My late  dogs Taino and Deerdra   are composting  deep under a new garlic bed which is   haunted by me and a bunny who's there most every time I visit.

   But the Rat Terrier and the Lap Pug from up the road  have been back again.
Last  year they killed my  rooster Zoro .  I hit the bigger dog with my camera sling-bag, which   killed the camera.

 I had pushed send on my cell phone  this Friday morning , just as all the roosters around this  house began a  serious vovuzella of alarms .

    I gave up the call, grabbed my grandma's cane and got outside in time to see  a burst of partridge brown rump feathers, and then I didn't see Oprah.
   I hollered and  chased  the dogs out onto the highway...... where they were not run over by  the   eighteen wheeler just then humping Pumpkin Hill past here.

 When I came back down the driveway, I found enough Oprah feathers for a small pillow, but no Oprah. 

     Half an hour later,  Oprah appeard from under the house
      She is always half bald from the  roosters using her head as a handle, and always has a puff of underwear showing at the base of her tail......  she seemed  to be mostly all there , never mind the drift  of feathers in the driveway.

  I call her Oprah not because she is big and brown and talks a lot..... all of which  are the case , but because she looks like she's huge  one time you see her. ...and the next time   she is slim as a rail,   all due to the shape shifting magic of feathers.

 I'll add her sacrificial  feathers to Alberts old tail, which I picked up off the drive way after the other neighbor's bird dog carried him away two years ago.  He came back the next day and grew another tail in the six months that he spent under the house after that.
   So everybody here  is more or less o.k. as far as I know..... and a lot of things turn out kind of alright.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Dog Day and Dog's Plot. The Persistence of Opra

     Another dog day at Dog's Plot.....The Persistence of Opra

  The dogs are back,...not my dogs, who were burried last summer, where there is now garlic growing and a rbbit sitting every time I go there, but the two dogs who killed our rooster Zoro last ghear.  Last time I hit the terrior with my camera and killed the camera.  This time I was late to answer the rooster wrnings because my cell phone was dialing, and when I got out the one had pra in his mouth, ad Ior half of oopras feathers in his mouth, asnd ZI cahased them out into the road.  Sekemed like half the feathers.
 Afterward the hen honey came out of the underbrtush and went down to the chicken house, Later Opra appeard from under the house, and she sheemed to be mostly all there and un cut, despite all the feathers on the ground.
  I call her opra not because she is big and brown and talksalot, all of which is true, but because she can go from round to slim, by puffing and flattening her feathers.... she canseem by fluffing out to be absolutely huge, she is a brown, partricge plymouth rock, and then she can lay her feathers down and get almost small.  I am glad to have her still with us.