Monday, November 21, 2011

Garlic Forever  
  Non-stop, Dog's Plot, Scatter-Shot, Orchard crop of November Garlic...... some of which I will keep growing under plastic, some I will eat now, but leave most to grow until the ground freezes...which it hasn't done yet in January....then mulch if it does freeze, and allow it to mature next Spring.
 The weeds then will be mostly garlic, and I will eat them. The deer don't much care to.  The chickens and cats don't eat the garlic unless it is cooked, and then they love it.  And since I eat nothing  without a lot of  garlic( except for beer and ice cream), the deer and wood tics avoid me. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Great Great Grandfather's Giant Red Wasps , and Other very brief Historical Recolections of the North Country

  Great Great grandfather Noah Davey, second son of Reverend Severn-Keel Davey, dropped out of Harvard Divnity school, and moved into Rose Cottage: the old home of his  Grandmother...and  he very quickly discovered that Rose Cottage had been taken over by giant, red Wasps, such as you never want to see.  The rest is history.

Serious Falls

 I have seen this falls on the Oswegatchie River ,with deep snow covering those fallen pines... and a deer path all the way across.  
When I was in my twenties or thirties my Dad and I were trout fishing here for the hundredth time.  I was standing about where I stood when I took this picture and watched as he slipped on the rock, into the sluice and got washed down to the pool. 
He shook it off pretty  well and we went on fishing up the river that day ..., but I knew  then that he could die, and ten or twenty years later, he did.

How Mule Deer Came to the Adirondacks

Granddad  and friends went to Texas and Mexico by train around nineteen hundred.... at a time when our Eastern Whitetail Deer were about extinct, and he came back with a a dozen sets of mule deer  horns...which were much bigger than our white tail horns.  He also brought a few set's of long horns and an occelot skin.  He was an ardent hunter-conservationist, when hunters were about the only conservationists, and helped do everything except backpack fawns into the woods, to help bring back the Whitetails.  Now there are more deer there than ever, and turkeys which weren't even there before.   Recently, Cougars have been seen in the Lake Bonaparte area.  
 I myself, haven't been up there for a few years now.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rhinoceros Hills

Years and years ago, there was a story with a very long title, after which it got off to a very slow start, so we used to think would never end......which it nearly did.  See here: