Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Dog Day and Dog's Plot. The Persistence of Opra

     Another dog day at Dog's Plot.....The Persistence of Opra

  The dogs are back,...not my dogs, who were burried last summer, where there is now garlic growing and a rbbit sitting every time I go there, but the two dogs who killed our rooster Zoro last ghear.  Last time I hit the terrior with my camera and killed the camera.  This time I was late to answer the rooster wrnings because my cell phone was dialing, and when I got out the one had pra in his mouth, ad Ior half of oopras feathers in his mouth, asnd ZI cahased them out into the road.  Sekemed like half the feathers.
 Afterward the hen honey came out of the underbrtush and went down to the chicken house, Later Opra appeard from under the house, and she sheemed to be mostly all there and un cut, despite all the feathers on the ground.
  I call her opra not because she is big and brown and talksalot, all of which is true, but because she can go from round to slim, by puffing and flattening her feathers.... she canseem by fluffing out to be absolutely huge, she is a brown, partricge plymouth rock, and then she can lay her feathers down and get almost small.  I am glad to have her still with us.

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