Friday, January 10, 2014

  The king of Dog's Plot has to be a rooster. It is a previously unwritten rule. A dog might be NAMED Kng, but in the end the king has to be a rooster, just as you dont put Benjamin Franklin on a weather Vane, you put a rooster there. Maybe they are just figureheads for us, but they dohn't know it, and on their level of real responsibility" for the weather and for the hens, they are all seeing, and very powerful. At least Copernicus believes himself to be. . His sidekick Andrew, also appearing here, is in the competition strictly for the hens, and would hardly notice if the sky was falling.
Copernicus Rex lifts his royal feathered foot up, and Coipernicus Rex puts his royal feathered foot down; then Copernicus shakes his cape and looks all around. O.K. Only a cat. Copernicus stands his ground. Nothing happening. Hey ! Whatsat sound?


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