Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Note to our Readers

    There is a whole lot of stuff besides the stuffing that is necessary to make a book and I am darn sure going to have it all with the next book.
  Here is how I am coming along in the early stages. 
     As you can see, there is a lot of filling out to do before I get to the body of the monster.

 Nowella and Uncle Threadbear

         by Oren Pierce, B.A. , B.S., M.S.G
   About Oren Pierce.
  Oren Pierce is the pseudonym of  Youtube weatherman, Davey Weathercock, who is himself pseudonymous, and has not done any weather reporting since his partner  Olive the weather hen (who worked under her own name) died. 
  Mr. Weathercock now makes his life with a trunk full of stuffed animals, cats, chickens,    and other characters.      
     The head animal   -  his Significant Critter -  is a pale-furred, long-nosed bear not much larger than a chicken. 
Mr. Weathercoock  calls his bear  Nowella, and thinks it is important for him to tell her life story,  including all about her confused, wide-world wanderings,  starting even  before the beginning. 
   We may not hang around for all of that ourselves,   but let's just hope Mr. Weathercock is  at least entertaining  enough  that you will not stand up right away to go eat Tuna Noodle Cassarole at the refrigerator.



            How to use this book

                Because the Dog's Plot Book of Bears is spiral bound,  you will need no book marks, and can instead  leave this handy ,  lanky book  flopped open in your easy  chair , so   later you can return to reading,  exactly where you left off before your trip to the refrigerator … and no one will have taken your seat.
        Unless, in passing by, someone has been hooked in by an illustration and  has taken up the story where you left off.. 
            To prevent such   bookjacking,  you may take this book  to the kitchen with you and leave it   open on the counter, just as you would flop or prop a typical spiral bound cook book, while you  make, or in this case eat the   tuna noodle casserole.   
        In light of that flexibility, we have included among the Bonus features, a  recipe for hand made tuna noodle casserole,  as well as one called  " Chicken Soup for Chickens,"  and  instructions for several non-filling, meatless  main dishes that can be offered to  stuffed animals. 
                   Please close the refrigerator door while you are reading/eating.  Warning :  these pages are not waterproof or sink-washable and these comments are in no way intended to   endorse or encourage eating while reading.

                 Most irrelevant detail and distracting information has been relegated to foot notes, where you may read it after the chapter is over, or after the book, or not at all.  It is recommended that you race right through the story in one run, in order to get the  whole world view.  It is NOT recommended that  you take this book to, or keep it in the bathroom.



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