Saturday, March 24, 2012

ALL IS TWO: A Robot Walks into a Bar

   Brian Green, a very nice guy and well known advocate of String Theory, taught at Cornell for a while in the nineties and bought  one of the historic houses on Dewitt Park Road which winds up along the North edge of Cascadilla Gorge across  from my old family home .   I worked on the roofs and interiors of several houses up and down that street and was referred to him.  His idea was to take out the large chimney and  central fireplace wall on the gorge side of the house and replace it with  windows for viewing.  This was not a good idea, and it wouldn't be allowed by a clause in all the leases in that old development anyway... but I referred him to the historic restoration architect Victoria Romanoff for hard advice on those matters.
      I'm not an expert on String Theory either, but I am convinced that it  also is not a good idea.  A very complex theory of everything.  I don't know that it would make any difference to anything for it to be true.  Really, if you want a unifying theory, you will have to settle for  'Truth is Beauty " or maybe "All is Two."
 So if you can tolerate a little robot humor, and can distinguish between math and science, you will get a kick out of this silly video about  String Theory:

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