Monday, August 10, 2009

Davey's Problem, and French Canadian Toast

My editor slash brother Davey's problem........ as simply as I can state it,....... is that , deep in his heart, he doesn't really believe that other people exist.
This is a big problem if you are related to him in any way, and especially if you live too damn near him, Like I do here at Dog's Plot..

Anyway, this morning G fixed me her special French Canadian Toast, using our chicken eggs, rather than the traditional gull or tern eggs.
"Deliciosso," is what she promised, and I don't think that is a French Canadian term, but she was right. G has cooked and chored at all kinds of Inns from the Extreme SouthWest, to the far NorthEast, traveling with a French Cook's knife about sixteen ax-handles long.



He does have that problem, doesn't he...then he gets to making other people believe that people don't exist and it can be really freaky! But I found prima facie evidence on the beach of Sanibel Island that you had been there, William, and I'm going to present it to your imagined imaginary brother next time I go by Dog's Plot.

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William Bonaparte Warren said...

Well, I have been to Datona Beach, Baxter State Park, Puerto Rico, and Loon Island, but I have never been to Sanibel Island, even if you think you found my red hand there. Must be some normal crustacian.