Friday, July 31, 2009

Deer Control

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Tarka said...

did you get dive-bombed by a crow or something at the end there?? what was that?

I like that I do the same things when I see deer now... Currently, I live next to some Boulder city "open space" property that buffers a small drainage called Bear Creek. This is a great corridor for wildlife to make it further down the front-range slopes and into town; frequently I see one particular doe which likes the tall broad-bladed meadow grass that's growing in my back yard. The other day I spotted her while watering my strawberries, and froze so I could watch her... while she looked away occasionally I went shoeless across the edge of the meadow and into the trees. Walking then on the pebble bed of the creek, I came back down toward her slowly and stopped when she finally looked up. I was about six or seven feet from her and standing perfectly behind a small sapling right at the edge of the meadow growing alongside the creek. We watched each other for a minute and she sniffed at me (though Tano wasn't next to me) and then smoothly walked back into the woods away from me.

Anyway, I enjoy the acquired habit of watching and occasionally stalking the local wildlife. I think I will until the day I'm surprised by either a bear or a lion in the woods around here. On a related note, there have also been several bears that recently invaded people's houses just a few miles north along the front.

I guess it's an ostensibly good thing then that my strawberries aren't producing any fruit this year.