Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sleeping Dogs Lie

When Davey saw my foot sticking out from the wood shavings in the chicken house, I was already waking up. Dragging me by the feet and bumping my head on the threshold was really unnecessary.
I had surfaced to the point that I was dreaming; and dreaming is next to waking .
Sure, it's true that my natural born ability to lower my body temperature and literally hibernate, didn't come with a corresponding ability to rouse myself from that state. And yes, It used to take another person, a rise in ambient temperatures, or something else external..... like a possum gnawing on my foot.... to bring me around, but I long ago learned to summon dreams and in them to recognize that I am dreaming, so that I can wake myself. Conscious dreaming is an old trick others practice ( they say) so they can fly around and do other such things without consequences or the limitations of physics. For me it is strictly about waking up.
It was a hard skill to learn, and I admit I did some unnecessary fooling around before I mastered it.
Once, when I thought I was dreaming, I climbed up on top of a car and tried to fly off it.... but I wasn't dreaming; I was only drunk, and I crashed directly after take off.
I landed squarely on my feet and, thanks to my short-boned legs, the mere six foot drop, and my rubbery drunkenness, I was unhurt. But I have long since given up drinking to the point of existential confusion, and I have become a lot more attentive to my dreaming.
I learned my lesson; but I am not giving lessons, and I don't encourage anyone to take up hibernation as a sport.. Mostly, I would just urge you, In case you run across someone in my sort of meta sleep state, to use the common sense most people have anyway, if only from knowing the truism : Let a sleeping dog lie.
Thank you for your consideration.

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