Wednesday, January 7, 2009

North West Passage

Good God Dog! I was sleeping, or whatever you want to call my suspended animations.....totally out of it for over a month, leaving Davey to spoil or neglect the chickens ....... until suddenly a light came on in my head, and I sat up out of the wood shavings.
Even through the tupperwear lid windows of the Ark, the sun was bright.
When I stood and pushed with my head and elbow to raise the roof-lid, it was heavy with snow.

Looking out I saw a snow hat on the cupola of the chicken house; the crushed-stone, rooster- dunged, and seed-hulled, drive- way forgotten under snow, snow piled up on the Sumac horns. Snow everywhere. Snow and light.

My head was dancing with fresh ideas, and when I moved, my underwear rattled with the familiar old, perfectly- formed Winter-Cherries. I was glad to see I had not lost all my old hiber-skills.
That was only yesterday. I went about my business, and now I'm eating like a horse.

And the main thing is: Hallifuginglula!......I woke up seeing my way ahead , and the way is clear as the map on this page.
Right up the Great Chain of Lakes to Great Bear.
This is the way of fur trappers and traders , war parties , and nomads, as well as migrating waterfowl, and beavers from the Pleistocene on...... and, if you hold with Little-Nose Johnson, the route taken by the first people to move onto this Sea Horse, North American Continent.

What is it?........ January something. We're already past the Solstice, with the light growing, but with more snow and colder weather to come.
Last night I saw the old moon in the new. Later today, I'm going to put on my feathered snow shoes, and go giant stepping in the woods.. Meanwhile, It's a giant satisfaction just to know for sure where I'm eventually going and the route I'm going to take when I finally pull the Ark off this flat- top, Dog's Plot hill.


JG said...


What can I say? Except that I am glad you are (seem) OK!
I have tried to reach you by email a few times (2, I think) just to maintain contact even tho sinuous.
I have regularly checked your blog and today brought good (?) results. I have to admit that I don't know what is true and what is fictional, but isn't that the case with most of what we think anyway?
You are in my thoughts often with nothing but good wishes and remembrances and expectations for more of the same for this new solstice year wherever it finds you or me.



William Bonaparte Warren said...

If it's Davey you are looking for, anybody at all should be able to email him as