Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Sock Full of Quarters

If I had invested the sock full of quarters Mr. LaRoy doled out by the fistful for my college education instead of spending it to buy the first car that picked me up when I ran off from Aunt Sammy's farm, I would probably have enough now for a year at Cornell.
But that old Hudson did get me as far as Almost-Wyoming, Colorado, and over the years I have happened onto a fortune in free education, which includes living intimately with pigeons and books while embedded in the Cornell Library attic.
And after a another bunch of years mostly without books, I've gained this reconditioned I Book and the convenience of an extension cord to Davey's house.... so I'm really getting a load of new, world knowledge - with a concentration on the nature and culture of chickens, as it relates to the problems where I am at.
At Davey's troubled chicken republic.

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